Monday, May 18, 2009

Welding tech.

Here's a video of the schools SYSTEM 10, FUNUC 50 iL welding robot...

video video

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Student Works

Well, for those who cant visit the school in person here are a few videos of the school.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Actions always speak louder than words.

Have you ever had an idea that you wanted the whole world to see? Well I have, and as we all know seeing is believing.

So, Butler Tech had an idea one day, it was to CHANGE HOW PEOPLE VIEWED CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION. Many hours were spent trying to come up with a plausible idea, until finally, someone wise said, lets not tell them anymore, lets show em'.

Many moons ago this idea was put into motion, and now in the new era of career and technical education, schools are calling from all over not only the county, not even the state or country, but the whole world, the entire planet that we call home, people are coming to visit a school, to see this new form of education that's making strides in all the right directions and motivating we the students to continue making positive steps. So the next time you see a person in a hard hat, or that lady standing in the beauty shop, or even the tech person sitting on the phone telling you how to make this reading LARGER, just think that person may have been influenced by career and technical education, so plan a visit to butler tech, and see if you have the Motivation, and Dedication to ensure you are making the grade for a competitive future.

So whats the scoop?

Ever find yourself looking from the outside in? Ever find yourself looking at that person who had the leg up because they knew something you didn't know? Well I want to say that doesn't happen here, but I can't, it does. But if it does happen, well, its probably your fault for it happening.

Here at Butler Tech the staff make every effort to keep every student, parent, shareholder, and staff member in the know. How is this possible, well not only through the PA, but also word of mouth, the WEB SITE, speaking to your support team(the school staff as a whole), mailers, and of course email.

So, the next time you feel like you're missing something, follow up, and use you're resources, because a mind is a tragic piece of art to waste, especially due to lack of information.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Field trips

When a teacher says next Thursday we will be taking a field trip everyone gets excited; the students, the teachers, and especially the folks in the ERC (the big house). Just a few weeks ago my welding class took a field trip to the REX pipe line in Middletown. It was an amazing experience to see how those people who are already established in the work force take the time to explain to us what we need to do to survive in the tattered economy and to have an ensured place in the work place.

Click here for the Story -----> Link

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Greetings to everyone checking out the Butler Tech Student Blogging page. My name is Alex and I am currently a senior at Butler Tech taking Commerical Arts. I originated from Ross High School, but soon found that I could help accomplish my career goals at Butler Tech.
In my lab, we use everything we can get our hands on. We can draw in our sketchbooks, provided by Butler Tech, paint, or even use the computers for digital art.
As of right now, I am working on the Skills USA Promotional Bulletin Board Competition with two of my other classmates, Jeremiah and Justin. We've been working on it for two weeks and only have one more to go till the competition on March 14th in Dayton. If we qualify, we can go to state in Columbus. Our teacher, Mr. Geiser, has fully supported our thoughts and planning for the board and believes that we will go far into the competition.
This has been a post from your buddy at Butler Tech, Alex.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So what is a CTSO?
well upon entering a butler tech vocational course you are automatically enrolled in to a CTSO. At the moment butler tech services Six(6) ctso revelent to our programs. they are;
The National FFA Organization, Skills USA, DECA (Delta Epsilon Chi), Future Educators of America (FEA), Business Professionals of America (BPA), and Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA).

What CTSO will you be apart of?
That's based on the lab that you choose, for example in Cosmetology you would become A member of skills USA. while a lab such as business office accounting would be come apart of BPA.

Can I be a member of more that one CTSO?
Again that depends on the lab your enrolled in some labs you can go one and only one, but in others the sky and pocket book are the limit.

Do I have a choice in me becoming a member? xtra
No. the fees paid also generate revenue for the school.

Are CTSO's more that just a school level activity?
YES, Some open new doors to help Borden ones horizon's.

Any others just ask.